How greatly does Opioid and other drug misuse impact the family and how can we aim to reduce it? This post examines the problem and describes an innovative solution.  Substance use can erode the trust, love, and respect forming the foundation of family life.  In order to repair and restore these elements, our Coaching services can help.  This recent case vignette illustrates how this unique professional service can play a critical role in a family’s recovery.

Parents had been referred to me by their adult son’s psychotherapist for guidance on how to best help him achieve recovery from substance misuse.  After two years of treatment, including a thirty day residential program, an Intensive Outpatient Program, individual therapy and AA meetings, their son’s continued binge use of alcohol/drugs had left him totally financially dependent and at high risk of harm.  Coaching’s first task was to develop a contract making financial support contingent upon their son’s cooperation and compliance with treatment.  Employing a holistic treatment model, our goal was to work with the patient, therapist, and parents to develop a plan of alcohol testing, psychotherapy, 12-step support and medication to support recovery.  The challenge was to help the parents follow through with the contract as their son became less compliant with the agreement over several months.  Coaching provided the parents with support, awareness and understanding that son’s untruthful behavior was a symptom of active addiction and provided them with the compassion and thoughtfulness to support their son by not supporting his addiction.  Our compassionate services were provided by phone, text, and email primarily to parents and often included their son to avoid unbalanced communication.  The frequency and types of service ranged from monitoring daily alcohol test results, to daily/weekly/monthly phone and email support; all driven by the family’s need.   Along with son’s therapist and physician, Coaching became a key component of the Recovery Support Team.  Over time, the parents changed to become able to follow through with the contract.  One week later, the son was voluntarily admitted to a residential program.

During the residential treatment, Coaching helped the parents provide the support needed for son to do very well in residential, and then to enroll in a sober living program upon discharge to continue to support his growth in early recovery.

Our families receive evidence-based information and strategies to motivate a loved one into effective treatment and to maintain compliance with aftercare.  As a piece of Recovery Capital, Coaching can empower families to gain health and recovery.  For a family whose loved one is not ready for treatment or is approaching discharge, parents using Family Coaching can make the difference needed for recovery.