“When my family was in crisis, I felt lost and scared. Patrick helped us find expert help quickly. His support and guidance gave us hope and confidence and helped us start our recovery journey. I’m so grateful for Patrick’s help.”


Reading, Massachusetts

‘”I used to be the ‘bad guy,’ struggling to curb my son’s drinking. Thanks to Patrick, I’ve reclaimed my role as a ‘supportive mom’.  He showed me a path that fosters growth and positivity. I’m no longer the enforcer. As a result, my son changed his mind and he has stopped drinking!  Patrick’s support and insight made all the difference.”



“My son was struggling with addiction and we were at our wit’s end. We tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. Then, we found Patrick of Family Addiction Coaching. He was different from anyone else we had worked with. He was personal, private, and he listened to our concerns. He helped us turn our son’s life around and we are so grateful. I highly recommend Family Addiction Coaching to anyone who is struggling with addiction.”

Mrs. M

Chicago, Illinois

“Patrick, the coaching services provided to my family during a very difficult period six years ago were immensely helpful. Our adult daughter’s use of substances, including opioids, had us in total crisis mode at the time. You provided guidance, support, knowledge, understanding and non judgement in equal measure. We thank God for you at that time. We are humbled and grateful to report that our daughter has her health back having been in recovery for six years.”

Mary T

Lynnfield, MA

“In my experience with Patrick, I have found him to be compassionate, resourceful and non-judgmental. He educated us on all the complexities in the world of addiction, and ultimately we got to the other side of a crisis. When you don’t know where to turn, turn to Patrick.”

N.K., Concord, Massachusetts

“Patrick is a consummate professional: caring, diligent, openminded. All the qualities I would want in a clinician to help me and my family through a crisis (or ideally before the crisis) with a loved one using substances problematically!”

Professor Dee-Dee Stout

Adjunct Faculty at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA; Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Holy Names University in Oakland, CA

“Patrick’s work in addiction is comprehensive, his family model showing his unique skill set, compassion, and dedication. Our shared clients have been extremely grateful for his work. If you have a loved one facing addiction, Patrick is a beacon of hope.”

Raven Anne Register

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, Register Therapeutic Alliance Needham, MA

“I have recently worked with Patrick on a difficult case and what has impressed me most is his ability to be flexible but consistent. What I mean by that is that he is able to adapt to the changing needs of the client and family dynamics as they go through an immensely difficult process, yet he remains firm in holding necessary boundaries and conveying a consistent message of love and caring. This is a very difficult thing to do, but Patrick does it innately. He can help your family.”

Andrew D. Kang, JD, LICSW

Adjunct Professor of Social Work, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work; and, Director of Clinical Services, The O'Connor Professional Group

“Few Practitioners approach the complex but rewarding challenge of HEALING Families with as much dedication, ethics, integrity and compassion as Patrick. His 360˚ Healing philosophy is not only a testimony to his commitment to empower real and sustainable healing, it demonstrates the calibre of his conviction to support the WHOLE person; enabling healing across the entire family. Rarely have we crossed paths with a Practitioner who brings as much compassion to the table, balancing his grounded treatment perspective with the very core of medical principles: a deep and abiding faith in the power of the human spirit to heal.”

Therese LeDantec-Boswell

Program Director, TheButterflyProtocol™; Co-Founder, invisABILITY™, TheButterflyProtocol™ Team (Athens, OH)

“I have had occasion to collaborate with Patrick Doyle and find him to be a keen clinician concerned about applying the best science and professional support to the practice of his profession. He looks for wisdom among his colleagues and across disciplines and doesn’t allow his support for serving his clients to be stopped at the limits of his own experience.  Patrick studies the experience of others, and importantly, looks for guidance to serve families with complex needs. Patrick is the real deal, a ‘coach’s coach.’ One can count on him to follow through until his client is served. I am pleased to recommend him without reservation.”

Terri A. Lewis, PhD, NCC

Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling, Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation, National Changhua University of Education