Crisis Point

Your family has reached a ‘Crisis Point’ in a loved one’s challenge with one or more substances and you may be asking what your ‘Next Steps’ should be?

Substance Use Disorders

Your family member is challenged by one or more Substance Use Disorders [SUD]. How can you get them real help?


What ‘Tools’ are available to help your family members restore trust and recreate a home environment  that feels safe and nurturing again?  

Family Coaching

These are ALL perfectly normal questions that can be answered through Family Coaching.

How We Help

Welcome to Family Addiction Coach [FAC] where families receive knowledge, support, and empowerment to make informed decisions to best help a loved one with addiction.  After many years’ experience in the Assessment and Treatment of individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) we now focus on the support of family recovery from the impact of addiction.  We draw on principles of Harm Reduction, Motivational Interviewing and Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)  which has a 70% success rate of bringing a loved one into treatment.  100% of our families have the opportunity to gain health and recovery from the very first coaching session.

Despite the devastating family impact of SUD, real help is hard to find. The internet is filled with broken promises; Treatment Centers only seem interested in filling inpatient beds. You might feel lost when trying to determine what approach will deliver real hope for recovery. Reclaiming power over your family life is important, too. The KEY is knowing that there are multiple paths to recovery for both the SUD-Patient and their family. Real recovery requires objective, reliable information and support that lets you make the best decisions for your family members.

Empowered with an Assessment of your family needs and goals, together we can create a Recovery Plan that works for both your family and your SUD-afflicted loved one. Patients with SUD don’t fail treatment; often, the TREATMENT fails SUD-afflicted Patients. Why? Because each person is UNIQUE.

Why Coaching works…

Traditional Rigid Counseling practices can become roadblocks-to-recovery:

  • travel to a counselor’s office for in-person services;
  • sessions need to be scheduled in advance, only available at certain times;
  • family assistance is not eligible for managed care insurance reimbursement; and,
  • documentation of services doesn’t allow for the privacy necessary to be open and honest, which is essential for real recovery.

Coaching offers flexibility and privacy, which enables recovery:

  • no documentation is given to an insurance company, or to your employer;
  • support is provided on-demand, when YOU are in need, without delay;
  • telephone and internet services gives you instant access, wherever you may be; and,
  • conference-calling allows multiple family members to participate, regardless of location.

With telephone-based services, we work on your family goals that you consider to be most important. Email and text messaging are tools especially useful in guiding the family to a united front, with all on the same page.  We work with you on an as-needed basis, including: on-demand Coaching sessions; as well as a planned series of Coaching sessions that support your work over time.

We follow the NASW Code of Ethics. We accept no kickbacks from any programs. Credit/Debit card payments are required for services. Reduced rates are applied whenever possible.

Contact us now to discover your path forward.

Hope is renewed. Trust is rebuilt. Recovery is sustained.  

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with Patrick Doyle