About Patrick Doyle

Patrick grew up in a chaotic household where attention and support were scarce due to a large family with many siblings. Family dynamics, combined with the social and cultural changes of the 1970s, made it challenging to find his place. He often felt like an outsider, struggling for self-confidence, which led to feelings of depression and anxiety. In difficult times he found solace in his love of classic rock music and athletics.  While in college he sought help from a therapist, who guided him on a path to self-discovery and recovery. 

After completing his own treatment journey, Patrick felt inspired to help others as his therapist had helped him. As he worked towards his degree, he noticed many of his peers were hesitant to work in addiction. But Patrick related to the stigma people with substance use disorders and their families often face, and he recognized their need for recovery.

In 1986, the same year his first child was born, Patrick earned his Master of Social Work from Boston College. He is currently a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts.

Patrick was inspired to launch his family addiction coaching service in 2017, after discovering innovative recovery and treatment approaches from the addiction community on Twitter. These included Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), harm reduction, and medication-assisted treatment. While running on his treadmill and listening to David Bowie, he realized he could use his knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others to support families struggling with addiction.

With over 30 years of experience in addiction treatment and recovery, Patrick has helped countless families navigate the complexities of addiction using innovative methods such as CRAFT, in which he has received extensive training and certification.

With a client-centered approach drawing on his expertise, his education, as well as his personal experience, he offers a unique perspective and approach to coaching. He recognizes that the path to recovery and healing is unique for everyone. Patrick also addresses the misconceptions and stigma surrounding addiction and believes “patients do not fail treatment; treatment fails patients.”

For Patrick, his work is personal. As the father of an adult child who struggles with addiction, he understands firsthand the challenges families face and the toll it takes on their lives. His lived experience fuels his desire to help others, and he is dedicated to providing the support and guidance he wishes had been available to his family as a child, and as a father of two beautiful children. 

Through his work, Patrick is able to transform the lives of those struggling with addiction and provide hope for a brighter future. If you are looking for a new and different approach, reach out to Patrick today and take the first step toward healing.