About Patrick Doyle

A ‘Life Coach’ is an advisor who helps people with problems, decisions, and goal attainment in daily life.  Our Family Coaching is highly focused on you helping your loved one, your family, and yourself.

The outcome of Family Coaching is a sense of direction and purpose. Fear, anxiety and frustration will lessen, leaving you with greater confidence, strength and energy.  When you increase your understanding of substance use issues and strategies effective for their resolution, it is an incredible feeling. Your coach is there to support, educate, advise, and empower you to make your best decisions and thereby regain control of your life.

Our approach is grounded in medical science and truly evidence-based strategies of health and recovery.  We say “truly” due to the fact that the term ‘evidence-based’ has become overused and meaningless in the Addiction Treatment Industry.  Gaining knowledge and clarity allows you to make informed decisions most useful for your loved one, your family, and yourself.

  • Coaching services will always start with a discovery time to articulate your goals, and the previous attempts to solve the problems associated with your loved ones’ illness.
  • We then educate and help you assess the risks and benefits of different ways to approach the problem.
  • The approach is client-centered and driven; while the coach provides input, the client is the decision-maker.
  • Coaching can be a one-time interaction, or more commonly a process of empowerment taking place over time.  While a problem in the making for several months or years takes time to resolve, many clients report feeling more hopeful and optimistic after the first encounter.

Patrick Doyle has been working with both Families and Individuals suffering from substance use disorders, depression, and other behavioral health issues for thirty years. He earned a Masters of Social Work degree in 1986 from Boston College, and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts. Patrick follows the NASW Code Of Ethics.

Patrick is a qualified Substance Abuse Professional according to U.S. D.O.T. regulations.

In addition to working as a senior clinician at employee assistance programs, Patrick has provided coaching in his independent practice. Patrick served for several years as Substance Misuse Consultant for The Boston Red Sox organization.

You can follow Patrick on Twitter @PatrickDoyle_35. #familyaddictionrecovery