Struggling with a loved one’s addiction? Feeling stuck, frustrated, and hopeless? You’re not alone. Find recovery and transformation in online REST (Resources Education Support Together) groups, a lifeline crafted by Laurie MacDougall, who’s been right where you are.

Ever felt like helping your loved one might be making things worse? REST proves that helping someone in active addiction doesn’t have to be enabling. Keeping them safe allows you to use compassionate communication to promote positive change.

Rather than just one way or another,  REST helps families explore the gray areas to find solutions. Understanding the risks and benefits of different options allows you to make informed decisions and set boundaries that fit your unique situation.

What REST offers:

  • Support & Understanding: Connect with a caring community that truly gets you.
  • Communication Skills: Learn skills that make difficult conversations go better.
  • Empowerment & Confidence: Build strength to navigate recovery together.

REST helps families improve their quality of life. You’ll regain control by using practical communication skills and setting healthy boundaries. Your increased confidence will positively influence your loved one and create a supportive recovery environment. Rather than a destination, REST is a journey of growth promoted by ongoing support.

Interested in joining REST groups or want more info? Reach out to Laurie MacDougall at  or It’s time to take that first step towards hope, support, and a community that truly understands your journey.