Is your child using drugs or alcohol in your home, and you’re hopeless, afraid, and frustrated? Often wonder if they’re depressed, addicted, or both?

It’s not easy coping with a child’s substance use and depression. You can solve this problem and restore your family’s happiness using a proven method that works consistently for my coaching clients.

Learn how to motivate your loved ones to get treatment, reduce their substance use, and improve their lives.

Learn how to show you listen with empathy and compassion, without judgment or blame, and how to reward for any positive behavior. Limit harm by setting clear boundaries and consequences.

Listening, rewarding, and setting boundaries can help build trust, connection, and motivation by reducing conflict, resentment, and stress in your home.

In this video, I share how a family recovered using these skills.

Remember, you are not alone. Together, we can create a bright future for your family.

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