If your loved one has a substance use disorder and is not interested in reducing use or in treatment, this episode will help. Today’s guest has used my coaching support for several years to help her family help her son manage his addiction. Though he had no interest in abstinence or in treatment, she was unwilling to withdraw her love and support just to let him hit a rock hard bottom. Harm Reduction encourages us to take all steps possible to promote a person’s health safety and welfare. It’s about families getting useful support and guidance on how they can help their loved one who doesn’t want help.

After four years of hard work and family coaching support, this was the first time her son had ever asked for help. It saved his life, and he’s now employed and living in a sober living program. If you are concerned about a loved one’s substance use, call 211, go to Al-Anon or SmartRecovery Friends and Family, message me at www.familyaddictioncoach.com.