Five Shocking Reasons Why Kicking Out People With Addiction Ends Badly


In this video, I will talk about the shocking reasons why kicking out individuals with addiction can have devastating consequences.

From the risk of overdose to strained family relationships and health issues, this video explores the harmful effects of isolating and removing support from those struggling with addiction.

If you’re considering kicking out a loved one due to drug use, I urge you to watch this video first.

Here are five reasons why kicking out people with addiction ends badly:

1. Increased risk of overdose.
2. Risk of breaking the law & arrest.
3. Isolation. Addiction is a disease of isolation.
4. Limited access to treatment.
5. Strained relationships.

I know dealing with addiction is difficult, but kicking someone out of the home is not the answer. Other, more compassionate, and practical ways exist to help people with addiction.

In my last video, I shared ways to support one’s addiction without kicking them out: education, respectful language, and open communication. These approaches focus on minimizing harm and supporting the person with addiction in their recovery.

If you’re struggling with a loved one who has an addiction, I encourage you to reach out for help. There are many resources available to help you and your loved one.

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